Businessmen seldom profit from legal intervention, as it is mostly aimed at enforcing a right you already have or collecting money you are already owed. Even if successful, the legal costs associated with enforcing such rights are rarely fully recovered, as fees charged by Legal Practitioners generally exceed the costs recoverable by Law from the losing party. Many businessmen and- women have the wisdom and sensibility to avoid legal intervention where possible, but sometimes have no other option. RMI 4 Law acknowledges this eventuality, but insists that the RMI 4 Law member need not pay for the privilege of enforcing his or her rights.

You may ask why such benefits are needed when your business is conducted with integrity, honesty and a strive for quality. The answer is simple: not everybody share your values.

Recently, a RMI 4 Law member was held accountable for representations allegedly made by a new sales employee to a customer. Of course, the contract between the employer and the customer stipulated that no representations (other than that contained in the agreement) were made leading to the entering into of the contract, but this did not prevent the employer from being drawn into the dispute. The employer had a choice: Spend money on a defence to protect its rights, or pay money to make the problem go away. Bear in mind that the time and costs spent on this process, could never contribute positively to turnover or profit. Being a RMI 4 Law member gave the employer access to qualified legal representation, without having to bear the costs.

In our next article, we will focus on standard legal documentation as a benefit to RMI 4 Law members.

You too can enjoy these and other benefits presented to you by RMI 4 Law, by simply phoning 0861 668 677 to join.

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