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Insurance Products Summary

Legalex offers trusted insurance products which provide policy holders with cover for legal costs. These insurance policies are designed to be appropriate to the needs of policy holders and have proven to be a meaningful value proposition.




Please take note that:

Telephonic Advice

Telephonic legal advice is available from payment of the first Premium.

Event Prior to date of Cover

No legal cost cover is granted for events occurring prior to date of cover, whilst telephonic legal advice and preferential attorney rates remain available.

Legal Cost Cover

Legal Cost Cover is granted after payment of the third monthly Premium.

Matrimonial - and Family law

If applicable, Legal Cost Cover is granted for ante-nuptial contracts and unopposed divorces after payment of the sixth monthly Premium.

Stipulations & Exclusions

Stipulations and exclusions apply, see Terms and Conditions for full particulars.

Premiums guaranteed for one year.