As any RMI member who has had the misfortune of becoming caught up in legal action will tell you, the legal costs involved with litigation have become so expensive that enforcing our rights almost becomes impossible. As if normal business challenges and more recently, extraordinary challenges such as power outages are not enough, today’s businessman may find himself inadvertently being drawn into costly and drawn-out litigation. It may be argued that litigation is inherent to business, but RMI 4 Law insists that it need not be!

RMI 4 Law members enjoy benefits such as 24/7 legal advice, representation by qualified practising Attorneys and standard legal documentation. A recent example: A RMI 4 Law member was confronted by a client who refused to settle his bill in full. On this Friday afternoon, a quick telephone call to RMI 4 Law connected the member to an Attorney who explained and confirmed the member’s right of retention of the vehicle until the bill is settled. After payment in full, the client left the premises with the repaired vehicle and nothing was heard from him since.

By having immediate access to the telephonic legal advisory service, the RMI 4 Law member avoided being drawn into litigation by having to institute collection action against the client. These events underscore the value in obtaining legal advice in good time, thereby ensuring positive cash flow and avoiding unnecessary legal action.

In the next articles, attention will be given to representation by practising Attorneys and standard legal documentation.

These and other benefits are available to RMI members.

All you have to do to join, is to contact RMI 4 Law at 0861 668 677.

Automotive greetings from RMI 4 Law.

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