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Legalex offers trusted insurance products which provide policy holders with cover for legal costs. These insurance policies are designed to be appropriate to the needs of policy holders and have proven to be a meaningful value proposition. The products include policies suitable to individuals, families and businesses.




What is your offered?

All policies provide policy holders with unlimited telephonic legal advice, unlimited access to standard legal documentation, access to our national panel of Practicing Attorneys and insurance cover for the costs of legal representation.

The Individual and Family policies boast a unique bail cover benefit, whereby members’ release from custody is facilitated and bail paid up to a maximum of R5 000 on their behalf. A once-off administration fee equivalent to one month’s premium is payable upon inception of any policy.

* The limits of cover, terms and conditions and premiums vary between the
products and are structured to be sufficient for most eventualities.

Peace of mind

Legalex’ policy holders and client groups are law-abiding individuals, families and businesses who realize that legal trouble may come their way and appreciate the benefits of having a legal heavyweight in their corner.

Any person, who has had the misfortune of having to pay for the privilege of getting legal advice and representation, appreciates the benefits enjoyed under our policies.

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